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    Net Journal of Agricultural Science covers all areas of agriculture including arid soil research and rehabilitation, agricultural genomics, stored products research, tree fruit production, pesticide science, post harvest biology and technology, seed science research, irrigation, agricultural engineering, water resources management, agronomy, animal science, physiology and morphology, aquaculture, etc

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    Advancement in Science and Technology Research provides an in-depth, international forum for the most current, most authoritative information on major science and technology fields. Advancement in Science and Technology Research rapidly publishes original articles that offer significant contributions in the fields of general science, technology and engineering.

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    Net Journal of Business Management is a peer-reviewed open access journal published quarterly. Net Journal of Business Management focuses on the following areas: corporate governance, human resource management, strategic management, entrepreneurship, marketing, e-business, services, information technology management, production and operations management, financial management, decision analysis, management research methods and managerial economics, etc.

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    Advancement in Medicinal Plant Research publishes original research papers, reviews, and short communications in all areas of medicinal plants research including plant growth and development, agronomic management, plant nutrition, plant physiology, cell biology, molecular biology, biotechnology, medicinal properties, phytochemical constituents, fitoterapia, pharmacognosy, essential oils, ehnopharmacology and phytomedicine.

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    Pharmacy and Pharmacology Research will welcome original articles, review articles and short communications from the field of clinical physiology, experimental physiology, medical education in physiology, pharmacy practices, social pharmacy, experimental pharmacy, pharmacy education, pharmaceutical marketing, clinical pharmacology, experimental pharmacology, clinical trials, education in pharmacology, etc.

Most Recent

Comparison of high speed railway bridge substructures

Hussein Yousif Aziz and Abbass A. Abd-Noor

Date Published: June 22 2016

African Journal of Engineering Research


A survey of essential oils from Mentha spp. as an antimicrobial potential agent against Candida species

Iza Teixeira Alves Peixoto, Vivian Fernandes Furletti, Paula Cristina Anibal, Glyn Mara Figueira, Adilson Sartoratto, Simone Nataly Busato de Feiria, Marta Cristina Teixeira Duarte and José Francisco Höfling

Date Published: June 13 2016

Advancement in Medicinal Plant Research


ICT in science education: A new language of meaningful learning or a visual gimmick? Teacher perceptions of ICT's strengths and weaknesses

Mary Gutman, Dasi Steiner and Miriam Mendelovich

Date Published: June 13 2016

African Educational Research Journal


Comparative performance of Moringa oleifera and Moringa ovalifolia seeds and seedlings establishment in central Namibia

Morlu Korsor, Charles Ntahonshikira, Habauka M. Kwaambwa and Haruna M. Bello

Date Published: June 10 2016

Net Journal of Agricultural Science


Pyrrhic defeat and American foreign policy in the Middle East: Achieving success through failure

Abdy Javadzadeh

Date Published: June 9 2016

Net Journal of Social Sciences