Teacher quality, development and motivation in Nigeria

Steve Nwokeocha

African Educational Research Journal
Published: May 5 2017
Volume 5, Issue 2
Pages 126-134


The paper discusses teacher quality, development and motivation as pillars of teacher professionalization and critical determinants of educational quality. It started with analysis of the concepts and moves on to provide the international contexts and documents that guide the management of teacher quality, development and motivation. It then reviews the frameworks and level of implementation of these issues in Nigeria. At the end, the paper offered recommendations which among others are the need to domesticate and actualize international instruments regarding teacher professionalization, recognition and status; need to implement existing policies regarding teacher quality, development and motivation rather than creating new ones with little efforts to implement them; and synergy among the organisations involved in pre-service and on-going teacher professional development so as to reduce duplication, wastage of resources and lack of standardization of professional development programmes.

Keywords: Teacher quality, development, motivation, international frameworks, Nigeria.

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