Boys versus girls’ educational performance: Empirical evidences from global north and global south

Raza Ullah and Hazir Ullah

African Educational Research Journal
Published: October 2 2019
Volume 7, Issue 4
Pages 163-167


Young girls have been dominating boys in terms of educational performance across the globe. This is a very interesting and remarkable shift observed in the global north as well as in the global south. This review paper seeks to give a succinct picture of gender differences in educational performance in the socio-cultural context of various societies across the globe. Thus, the paper is based on the key findings of different studies, both from global north and global south. The study findings highlight the gender reverse change in education across the world. It also highlights the reasons of boys’ underperformance and girls’ outperformance in different societies. Skimming a number studies, attests that boys are being dominated by girls in educational performance, both in the developed as well as developing countries.

Keywords: Gender, educational performance, gender reverse change.

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