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Hen egg white lysozyme is less active against Gardnerella vaginalis biofilm than human lysozyme

Olivier Thellin, Danièle Zorzi, Pierrette Melin, Philippe Delvenne, Ernst Heinen, Willy Zorzi, Benaïssa El Moualij and Pascale Quatresooz

Date Published: February 22 2018

Microbiology Research International (Volume: 6, Issue: 1)


Detect of human fecal contamination in water and soil of multiple sanitary landfills in Baghdad city

Raghad Salman Mouhamad, Areej Atiyah Hussein, Suad A. Alsaedi, Nadia Salman Nasif and Saad Obaid Joda

Date Published: October 19 2017

Microbiology Research International (Volume: 5, Issue: 4)


Characterization and identification of bacterial pathogens from treated tannery wastewater

Pankaj Chowdhary, Nandkishor More, Abhay Raj and Ram Naresh Bharagava

Date Published: July 11 2017

Microbiology Research International (Volume: 5, Issue: 3)


Identification of Aspergillus species in feed fed to caged birds using morphological characteristics in Zaria, Nigeria

Ibrahim M. J., Kabir J., Kwanashie C. N. and Salawudeen M. T.

Date Published: April 13 2017

Microbiology Research International (Volume: 5, Issue: 2)


A mini-review on the development and emerging perspectives of seed pathology

Ebimieowei Etebu and Akagbuo Barth Nwauzoma

Date Published: January 4 2017

Microbiology Research International (Volume: 5, Issue: 1)